The Baltimore Writing Hour is Starting a Podcast!

The Baltimore Writing Hour is starting a literary podcast! Accepting Submissions.

Each episode will be a 60 minute collection of short pieces framed as a fictional radio show.  


About the Show:

Simone Addakari is a well educated but directionless twenty something, trying to find a place in the world. Inspired by the old radio plays her father played for her as a child and a lifetime of NPR, she decides to launch her own radio show.  Produced in her mother’s basement, the show includes news stories and interviews from around her town, reported on by various friends, and creative pieces from town residents.

The show, as a whole, has a sense of whimsy and irreverence, while still attempting to convey truth. Its focus is the experience of being young and the more generally the experience of being human.


Note: Simone is the creation of one person but belongs to the whole podcast. Feel free to explore her personality and world as you see fit. Though such pieces may be work shopped to ensure character consistency.  


Writing Submissions: 

  • The first episode’s theme is “Starting Out”.  (For those thinking ahead, the theme for the second episode will be “Doubt”.)
  • Pieces can be short stories, poems, radio plays, fictional interviews, news stories, fake advertisements, ect. The format is very flexible, so feel free to get creative.  
  • Most pieces should be 10 minutes long or less. Though longer pieces still may be considered. 
  • Psychological or existentialist horror is acceptable (especially if it speaks to the human condition), gore porn is not. Neither is regular porn. (Keep it classy!) Wacky out there humor is also acceptable, especially for shorter things like ads.
  • All work must be typed and submitted as attachments without your name in the document (.doc, .docx, .rtf, .pdf, .txt, .odt are acceptable).
  • In the email body, include your full name, the name you would like to be published under, the genre of your work, contact information.
  • We maintain the right to republish accepted work at a later date.
  • Send your submissions to


Get More Involved:

If you’re interested in:

  • helping with production,
  • joining our cast of voice actors,
  • providing music for the show,
  • creating a serial segment
  • or being more involved in developing the show’s overall story arc

email us at Be sure to specify “podcast” in the subject so it gets to the right person.


Exciting Events: Lit Mag, All Day Retreat, and Podcast!

Greetings readers and writers,

We are back, with updates. First, we’ve released the first issue of our literary magazine, End of 83. Read all about it and buy your own copy.

Second, we are resuming our all day writing workshops. The next one will be on Sunday, January 11 from 11AM – 5PM at LitMore (1702 South Road, Baltimore, MD 21209). Cost is $5, and we’ll be doing our usual potluck, so food is welcome.

Third, the Baltimore Writing Hour is launching a podcast. Our first episode is slated to come out around February-March. More details on that very soon, but if you just cannot wait (or have always wanted to participate in a podcast), send all questions to We are looking for this to be a collaborative project.

As always, we’re continuing our Saturday writing meetups from 11AM – 3PM.

October Events: All Day Retreat, End of 83, and More Lit Mag Submissions


Some updates from the Baltimore Writing Hour for October 2014.

Join us for our next All Day Writing Retreat on Sunday, October 12, from 11AM – 5PM. Cost: $5. Bring food to share for the pot luck if you are feeling generous. As usual, there will be free tea and coffee, and ample street parking.

Please RVSP through our contact page.

Also, we are working hard to put together the first issue of End of 83 and are aiming to get it out in November.

Finally, here are two opportunities to submit to literary magazines that are currently seeking submissions:

1. Welter, the literary journal of the University of Baltimore:

The University of Baltimore’s student-run literary journal, Welter, is currently accepting submissions of creative writing or artwork for the 2014-2015 edition. Check out samples of the last few issues here: Once you have a sense for what our magazine is all about, please review our guidelines and consider submitting ( We will accept creative works from any genre and on the topic of your choice,  so let the creative bees buzz. Not a University of Baltimore student? No worries! We are accepting submissions from all walks of life.

2. Pilcrow and Dagger, a recently launched online literary magazine:

In January 2015 we will publish our premier issue of the Pilcrow & Dagger journal. We are inviting writers nationally to submit a short story, poem or essay to be published in the journal. The submission guidelines and themes are available on our website:

August All Day Writing Retreat

Join the Baltimore Writing Hour for our August All Day Writing Retreat. Bring your laptop, notebook, pen, and write with us for most of your Sunday morning and afternoon! You are guaranteed to be productive! Event details below:

- Date: Sunday, August 24 2014

- Time: 10am – 4pm

- Location: LitMore. 1702 South Road, Baltimore, MD 21209 (in Mt. Washington, NOT downtown Baltimore)

- Cost: $5

Donations of food to share are welcome. We recommend packing a breakfast/lunch and drinks with you. Free tea, coffee, and WiFi will be available as usual.

RVSP to or @writinghour on twitter

See you there!

July 2014 Recap, Upcoming Events

Hello All,

Last week we had our July 2014 All Day Writing Retreat. We had a pretty solid turnout of about 10 people who were able to stay for the day. A huge thank you once again to LitMore for being such a great host and providing us with free tea and coffee, and a quiet space. At the request of many and as the word continues to spread, we will make this a regular monthly feature and will host another one on Sunday, August 24. More details about time/date forthcoming, and cost will be $10. Email with any questions.

Meanwhile, we are continuing our Saturday Writing Hour as usual through the month of August. That’s every Saturday, from 11am until 3 pm, and the cost is $5.

Finally, this month is the last month to submit entries to our literary magazine, End of 83. Submissions are due by September 5. We are accepting submissions for poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and art with a focus on writers from the Mid Atlantic region. We especially love entries related to Baltimore.

Feel free to share out literary magazine flier: endof83flier3

Happy submitting and good luck. Follow our blog to receive regular updates, or follow us on Twitter.