Trying Out a New Location

Hello! For those that have been a part of the group, you know that for a year now we’ve met at the Towson Public Library… and it’s been great to us. But the group needs to grow, and in a effort to find something that better matches our needs, we are going to try out a new space tomorrow: the Enoch Pratt Free Library at 400 Cathedral Street. That’s their central branch, and it’s huge.

We will meet at the area on the first floor designated as “reading space”. I have been assured it is writing space, too. To get there, make a left after the entrance into the “science and technology” wing, then another left under the mezzanine balconies. There is a large room with long tables on the left, and long tables on the right. We will be on the right, by the windows. I am told the space is fairly quiet until the chess players take over the “chess playing area” on the left later in the afternoon. They get rowdy.


For additional information and more meeting times in advance, see our meetup page at


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