Back To Old Location

Well, you can’t fail unless you try… or something like that. Anyway, we spent about a month at the Pratt Library’s Central Branch, and nothing against the Pratt Library (they and all their staff are great! In fact it’s my official library now), but we found a couple things:

  • Finding parking downtown is hard
  • Most people live closer to Towson

What I’m convinced really did it, though, was that there wasn’t an enclosed place to meet. There’s a great designated “Reading Area” comprised of three huge tables and, if you bring an extension cord, outlets are no issue – but on the other side of the room there is a designated “Chess Area” where ten middle aged-older men give or take meet to play chess around lunchtime on Saturdays, and, as mentioned below, they are surprisingly rowdy. Rowdier than is an appropriate level of rowdy when you’re hosting a writing group.

Long story short, we are back to meeting at the Towson branch of the BCPL, and unless some divine intervention or accident drops a better option into my hands, that’s where we will stay. So come out and join us Saturday mornings at 11 at the Towson Public Library! We are in one of the glass study rooms.


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