Prepare to Publish

It was good to see new folks come out to the writing group! We’re getting a good core of like-minded people, which is helping solidify our identity. Truth be told, even though we’ve been around over a year, these things take a long time to become “habit”, much like anything that’s not automatic in nature takes a constant input of effort before it achieves any permanence or solidification.

This is quickly turning into a philosophical rant on the nature of how groups form and thrive, which I’m itching to write about… for another time. That topic deserves a longer and more detailed post.

Anyway, it seems like given several more months, some people may have publishable material ready – or at least material that can begin to undergo editing. I wanted people to keep the Baltimore Book Festival in mind if they want to sell something. There is an Authors’ Tent application where you can display your books on a table. Applications for 2014 aren’t up yet since the 2013 festival just ended in September. But, it’s something to start thinking about, and at a more appropriate time I’ll mention it again with more detail.


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