Lift-Off From the Comfortable Plateau

Loyal Readers,

It’s time for an update on the Writing Hour. Things have been going well for the past few months, with a natural camaraderie growing out of the weekly meetings. Like a fine wine or whiskey, time has worked its slow magic and allowed the group to develop its unique flavor, and the note that strikes me the most is that people are genuinely interested in forming a community of writers. Since writing is one of the most solitary hobbies and has the danger of isolating one from the real world, this was an initial goal of mine in forming this group.

The downside is that we are now at full capacity. For the past month, our little table at the Towson Public Library has been completely full, and at least as many other people have expressed interest in the writing group to me. As you, astute reader, might guess, this means that the search for a larger venue has begun. We are hoping to find another public place somewhere from Lutherville and Baltimore with great parking and coffee accessibility that’s open on Saturday afternoons and allows for semi-privacy.

Additionally, expansion efforts are underway in other realms. Next month, we are doing a full day writing workshop where we will hole ourselves in for eight hours and focus on writing, finishing with a critique and dinner. It should be great, but as this is my first attempt at ever doing something like this (!), we’ll evaluate at the end and probably make changes to the prototype. Expect a reflective, waxing-philosophical entry a few weeks down the line.

I’m also aiming to incorporate other activities from time to time, perhaps with other writing groups in the area, local venues, and the Baltimore Book Festival. In short, we’ve been on a comfortable plateau, and now is the time for growth.

This is an exciting time for the group, and if you are a writer looking to get some work done and meet other writers in the area, I urge you to stop by with your projects and see if it is for you!


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