Exciting Events: Lit Mag, All Day Retreat, and Podcast!

Greetings readers and writers,

We are back, with updates. First, we’ve released the first issue of our literary magazine, End of 83. Read all about it and buy your own copy.

Second, we are resuming our all day writing workshops. The next one will be on Sunday, January 11 from 11AM ā€“ 5PM at LitMore (1702 South Road, Baltimore, MD 21209). Cost is $5, and we’ll be doing our usual potluck, so food is welcome.

Third, the Baltimore Writing Hour is launching a podcast. Our first episode is slated to come out around February-March. More details on that very soon, but if you just cannot wait (or have always wanted to participate in a podcast), send all questions to writinghour@gmail.com. We are looking for this to be a collaborative project.

As always, we’re continuing our Saturday writing meetups from 11AM ā€“ 3PM.

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