Accepting Submissions for 2nd Issue of Lit Mag, Theme “Northbound/Southbound”

We are accepting submissions for the next issue of our literary magazine, End of 83. Details:

What do we mean by “northbound/southbound”? We welcome your interpretations. This is the issue for the entire theme rather than individual pieces, so whatever flash of inspiration the phrase “northbound/southbound” might give, even if it’s not an obvious connection, could be a great fit. Some other possible interpretations of the theme are:

  • an abstract one, i.e. life getting better/life getting worse
  • literally northbound or southbound, i.e. driving, road trip, on a plane, on a train, walking, motion

You may send submissions that deal with either idea or both ideas, or you may send complementary submissions, i.e. one for “northbound” and one for “southbound”. Let us know in your submission if the pieces are meant to go together or can be featured separately.

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