BWH is taking a break from weekly meetups but will continue to host monthly retreats

Dear Baltimore Writing Hour Members,

The BWH will be taking a break from its regular weekly Saturday meetups through October and possibly November. We’re taking some time off to restructure the group, plan for next year, and find another location. By 2016 we hope to restart our regular meetups, have more diverse events, and offer a way for members to pay through PayPal and/or other, more convenient means than cash (also, with options to pay weekly/monthly/yearly to make it cheaper).

In the meantime, we will be hosting our day-long Writing Retreats once a month. Also, this Fall we will be releasing the second issue of End of 83 and additional episodes of Live From My Mother’s Basement. More information on all of that to follow.

Last but not least, for those who have original, unpublished works of short fiction and poetry (self-publishing counts as published), check out this contest for new unpublished writers. Entries are due by October 15.


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