The Baltimore Writing Hour is a writers’ collective based in Baltimore, MD that aims to create a community among writers and provide a space for busy people to work on their projects in a supportive, productive atmosphere. It’s perfect for people who:

  • Want to carve out a regular time to work on their writing projects
  • Benefit from the motivation of working in the presence of other writers
  • Want to connect with fellow writers in the Baltimore area

We meet every Saturday afternoon for Writing Hour, an open, unstructured write-in where people come together to write side by side. Whether you are working on novels, poems, blogs, plays, essays, journals, etc, feel free to stop by and write with us. Once a month or so we have an All Day Writing Retreat. Though people come and work on their own projects, a number of collaborations have come out of the group, including a literary magazine and a podcast. Read more about these on our events page and see our calendar for information on all events.

Have questions? Want to suggest an event? Interested in collaboration? Email or reach us on facebook, meetup, and twitter.





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