Live From My Mother’s Basement is a monthly podcast written, recorded, and produced by the Baltimore Writing Hour.


Listen on soundcloud. Or find is on the iTunes store.


About the show: Simone Addakari is a well educated but directionless twenty something, trying to find a place in the world. Inspired by the old radio plays her father played for her as a child and a lifetime of NPR, she decides to launch her own radio show.  Produced in her mother’s basement, the show includes news stories and interviews from around her town, reported on by various friends, and creative pieces from town residents.

Want to get involved? We meet roughly twice a month to plan, write, and record. We welcome new writers, voice actors, and ideas that fit the show’s aesthetic (a sense of whimsy and irreverence while still attempting to convey truth, with a focus on the experience of being young and more generally the experience of being human). This is, after all, a show about an entire town. Drop us a line at or @mothersbasement, and check the calendar for meetings.

We also take submissions of literary pieces to be read aloud. Want to read said pieces on air, too? You could do that! Send submissions to

Submission guidelines:

  • Pieces can be short stories, poems, radio plays, fictional interviews, news stories, fake advertisements, ect. The format is very flexible, so feel free to get creative.
  • Most pieces should be 10 minutes long or less. Though longer pieces still may be considered.
  • Psychological or existentialist horror is acceptable (especially if it speaks to the human condition), gore porn is not. Neither is regular porn. (Keep it classy!) Wacky out there humor is also acceptable, especially for shorter things like ads.
  • All work must be typed and submitted as attachments without your name in the document (.doc, .docx, .rtf, .pdf, .txt, .odt are acceptable).
  • In the email body, include your full name, the name you would like to be published under, the genre of your work, contact information.
  • We maintain the right to republish accepted work at a later date.

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